Onwards and Upwards

by the zen nest

It has been a very long journey. And yet, it feels as though the journey is now finally beginning.  I am very happy to start this next chapter in our lives in a new place to finally call home.

It has been five years or so since we left the west and to move back there again brings peace, joy and happiness to my heart. Living in the east has taught me a lot about life, people, and myself. It’s more than landscapes that differ. We all have a place we belong. Sometimes it takes a long journey and life experiences to realize that.

I have attempted to continue this blog many times over the past few years but struggled with my content and vision.  The fact is when you’re not happy in your space, it’s hard to get excited and motivated about it…much less blog about it. We have spent the last years in limbo. We have had many plans and have had many setbacks.  We definitely aren’t ending up where we thought we were going! But now, the obstacles and road blocks we faced, finally make sense to me. Sometimes in a “let go and let God” moment you discover who you are and where you belong.

It has taken the road less traveled to get us to where we are now.