On the Road Again…

by the zen nest

Day three since we left our rental in Cape Neddick.  We spent our first night away at a friends house, who surprised us in the morning with a lovely “champagne brunch surprise party” and invited all of our favorite friends over. After tears and goodbyes we hit the road.  As luck would have it we spent the first leg of the drive going through a rain storm that lasted from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York! Finally we wound up in Pennsylvania. Not much to report as the drive was mostly dark, gloomy and wet!  Day three was much better…sunshine and virtually no traffic. The drive through Pennsylvania was beautiful! And now I sit relaxing and writing this while Jason and Chloë are visiting the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum” – I opted to hang in the hotel room with Abner. We ordered nachos and tacos from the “UberEATS” app and are having a bed-picnic/ housewives marathon. We couldn’t be happier!


Abner and I chilling