Hello Mountains!

by the zen nest

Finally made it to Colorado! Well two days ago anyway. We have been catching up on some much needed rest and mani-pedis, I don’t know what happens to your hands and feet while driving four days in a car, but, mine needed some TLC. We are still hotel hopping and have another two days before we sign for our house and get the keys. Woohoo! Although we still don’t know when our furniture and other belongings will arrive at least we are getting closer and closer to having life return to normal. It has been a LONG adventure and I am ready to move on to setting up our home and settling into it.

It is so nice to wake up and be surrounded by mountains. It has been five years since I’ve felt like this. Having lived in California for most of my life I have always taken it for granted. Unfortunately in Maine you don’t get that experience. We were worried that it would feel weird not being on the coast, but honestly for me it’s the mountains I like being near. Besides there is still lots of water in Colorado! 

This lake and “walking park” is walking distance to our house.