I’m Erin Urbanczyk, a Southern Californian homemaker who has been across the United States and back again in search of the perfect nest, only to land in Parker, CO and wind up calling it home sweet home. It wasn’t easy, but my favorite saying is: It is what it is. And indeed, it really just is what it is sometimes – and right now, it’s perfect.

It’s been almost exactly one year now since my family and I moved into our new home here in Parker, and we are, for the most part, settled in. Then again… the journey towards creating the perfect home is never ending, because for me, it’s the journey that’s the goal. So while my kitchen is ready, my table is set, and my pillows are fluffed, there’s still always more to be done – another corner to fill with odds, ends, and trinkets – another recipe to make – another guest to entertain – and of course, another cocktail, to help keep the zen in my full, full (thankfully) full house.

Here, with my husband (Jason), two daughters (Chloë and Emmë, my youngest’s boyfriend (Caleb), a small Bichon (Abner, my partner in crime), and a very not small Great Saint (Willow), I am building my zen nest.