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All that can happen in a week

So here is an update to everything that has been going with our house this past week…nothing.

Can’t Win for Losing!

The most common comment we get about our house when people come to look at it is “It’s beautiful, it’s just too big” we have heard that EVERY time. Obviously we are waiting for a specific buyer to come along. Last week I thought we may have found them- or they had found us more appropriately. But ha! Although they loved the house…they said it was too small for them! Long story short we are not zoned for a second kitchen, which is what they would want to add in the in- law suite. So the quest for a buyer continues. If wasn’t for dumb luck, we wouldn’t have any luck at all! Arghhhhh!

Ice storm of Spring 2016

Thanks spring for gracing us with an ice storm this morning. Not that you are really a storm, just a bunch of frozen ice everywhere…EVERYWHERE! In the four and a half years that I have lived here, I can say I have never seen anything like it. Anyone who knows me knows the one thing I am terrified of is ice, especially black ice. Once you take a really bad fall, you never forget! I fell three years ago on our ice skating rink, or more commonly called, the driveway, and to this day my shoulder still hurts when it’s cold, which means it always hurts. The good thing is I spent the day cleaning yesterday and set my alarm really early this morning so I could have the beds made, the bathrooms cleaned and the house febreezed just to be gone by 8:45 for our 9:00 am showing. With all that done and every light turned on and every room tidied beyond belief, every rug vacuumed and every pillow poofed- the phone rang at 8:35 to tell me the showing was cancelled due to weather and driving conditions. Oh well, at least we will be ready for the our afternoon showing (hopefully it’s still on) and luckily we have two more tomorrow and the weather calls for a warmer sunny day. Who wants to try sleeping standing up? And do we need to shower everyday? Everything stays so much cleaner when we don’t use it…

always have a plan

The good news for today is we had a house showing. Yay! The even better news is that they are coming back this weekend for another look. The dilemma? What to do with yourself for an hour or so. It’s best to have a plan that’s for sure. Today was not that thought out, the few errands I had to do took all of 15 minutes. With Jason and Abner (the Bichon) in tow we did a lot of useless driving around. Arghhhh! In thinking of where to go and what to do I found myself limited in that I didn’t want to leave Abner in the car alone for more then 15 minutes or so. That left a Target run out of the question who can do that in 15? Next time I will be much better prepared! All in all can’t really complain- so pleased that someone has come to look at the house!

the not so zen nest

The zen nest is taking a moment to re-vamp. In fact it can temporarily be renamed the crazy, chaotic, up sidedown nest. As we are selling our house in Maine we are getting ready to make a huge move across the ocean to England. That said I am going to use this space to chronical the steps, mis-steps, and happenings of our journey.

…so here we are again with our second attempt to sale our house, we have a good feeling this time though! Truth be told I think it was divine intervention that prevented us from selling last year. Long story short it could of led to a bad decision, instead we were forced to stop and really think about where we truly wanted to live. It isn’t the easiest, cheapest, or most sane desicion to make, but for us it is a genuine, honest one. And truth be told, we are a little crazy-in-a-good-way anyway. For my husband Jason, it will be “going home again” for our daughters Chloë and Emmë and myself it will be a welcomed new experience.


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