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5 Hot Springs in Southern Utah

Hot Springs in Southern Utah

Panaca Hot Springs

Approximately 2 hours

​​Panaca Warm Springs is technically in Nevada, but about two hour drive from Duck Creek Village. Fed by a spring coming out of the hillside, the pond remains a cozy 88 degrees year-round—perfect for late Fall and early Spring. There are two ladders on either side of the pond to make entrance easier and the water is crystal clear.

Meadow Hot Springs

Approximately 2 hours & 15 minutes

Three hot pools are located on private property and can be visited by anyone who wishes to take a dip. The pools may be visited all night long, with the possibility of little to no crowds. The first pool is said to be the warmest, while the others remain pleasantly hot. Visitors may camp overnight or build fires near the pools; they are only asked to leave their area cleaner than they found it.

Fat Man’s Misery

Approximately 1 hour 

This spring requires a little bit more work to get to. Located just outside of Zion National Park, this route can be accessed by canyoneering through the canyon. It does not have a soaking pool but hikers can still shower under the warm fall. No permit or fee is required to go through the canyon but there is an entrance fee to enter the park.

Mystic Hot Springs

Appoximately 2 hours

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and need a place to relax, Mystic Hot Springs is an excellent option. Located in Monroe, a short two-hour drive from Duck Creek Village, this small resort has a few permanent residents as well as many campers who enjoy the quiet atmosphere along with their dogs. The resort houses five tubs for soaking and also has two social pools. The beautiful rock formations that have built up over time from minerals in the water make for quite a sight when you’re soaking. Cabins, RV sites and tent sites are all available for those who want to stay awhile or just passing through.

Baker Hot Spring

Approximately 3.5 hours

Located north of Delta, this hot springs is a little bit closer to civilization than its neighbor, Gandy. The spring is shallow and has Yellowstone-like formations from the minerals in the water. Surrounded by knee high grass, rising steam off the crystal clear water makes a picturesque scene. Young children should be watched when near this area as it can be difficult to see this hot spring and extremely hot. Because of their extreme temperature, locals have created tubs just 200 yards downhill from the spring where visitors can control the temperature by letting water in from a cool water source or the spring. Each tub can fit several people and make for a relaxing experience.

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