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Zennest expands its offerings with Falcon, a new retreat opening soon. Nestled in nature, Falcon embraces mindfulness, sustainability, and tranquility for an enriching and transformative experience.



Zennest Expands: Meet Falcon

Introducing Falcon, a captivating property set to open its doors in Fall 2023 within the esteemed Zennest development. Inspired by the principles of mindfulness, sustainability, and nature, Falcon offers a serene sanctuary for harmonious living. Immerse yourself in a mindful lifestyle as you embrace the tranquil surroundings and engage in meditation spaces and yoga studios thoughtfully integrated throughout the community. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Falcon showcases eco-friendly architecture, renewable energy systems, and lush green spaces that seamlessly blend with the natural environment. Indulge in the beauty of nature while knowing that your home embodies a sustainable and mindful approach. Falcon invites you to embark on a transformative journey where mindfulness, sustainability, and the wonders of nature intertwine harmoniously.

Zennest A-Frame Escapes

A-Frame Construction

A-Frame homes in Utah often take advantage of the surrounding natural beauty, offering stunning views of mountains, forests, or lakes. These structures blend seamlessly with the landscape, providing a cozy and rustic atmosphere. Whether used as a primary residence or a vacation getaway, A-Frame constructions in Utah offer a charming and distinctive architectural option for those seeking a connection with nature.
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Interior Design

Interior design in an A-Frame structure combines the charm of exposed beams and unique angles with cozy and efficient use of space, creating a rustic and inviting atmosphere.
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Eco-friendly Zennest Property

Eco-Friendly Features

A modular A-Frame is eco-friendly due to its sustainable construction practices, minimal waste generation, efficient use of resources, and the potential for energy-saving features like insulation and renewable energy integration.
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