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The mountain view from Zennest is absolutely breathtaking. With its location high above sea level, guests are treated to sweeping vistas of the surrounding peaks and valleys. Whether you’re enjoying a morning coffee on the deck, taking a soak in the hot tub, or simply relaxing by the fireplace, the view of the mountains from Zennest is a constant reminder of the natural beauty that surrounds you.

La Sal Mountains

Located about 2 hours southeast of Zennest, the La Sal Mountains offer breathtaking views and challenging hikes for experienced adventurers.

Wasatch Mountains

Located about 3 hours north of Zennest, the Wasatch Mountains are known for their towering peaks, scenic alpine lakes, and world-class skiing and snowboarding resorts.

Henry Mountains

Located about 2 hours southwest of Zennest, the Henry Mountains are a remote and rugged range that is home to a variety of wildlife, including bison and pronghorns.

San Juan Mountains

Located about 3 hours southeast of Zennest, the San Juan Mountains are a spectacular range that offers everything from alpine skiing and snowshoeing in the winter to hiking, mountain biking, and fishing in the summer.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging climb, a scenic drive, or a peaceful retreat in the mountains, Zennest is the perfect base camp for all your mountain adventures.



Don’t just take our word for it, see what our recent guests have to say about staying at Zennest.

"The cabin itself is a true modern masterpiece, featuring all the amenities and comforts you could possibly need for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay."
John Markson
May 2022
"Truly an experience of a lifetime!!! Every minute the light changes and it continually creates a new masterpiece. I would recommend sitting in silence watching the ever transforming beauty.
Alexis Vear
June 2021
"This is one of the most amazing places that I have ever stayed... and I travel a lot! I took a bunch of videos that I must have shown 50 friends already... and I don't ever remember doing this before. If you are planning a business retreat, a wedding, or just a getaway with a group of friends, you will be WOWed by this awesome place! It truly is a slice of heaven!"
Jeffrey Lehmann
July 2021