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Hello Mountains!

Finally made it to Colorado! Well two days ago anyway. We have been catching up on some much needed rest and mani-pedis, I don’t know what happens to your hands and feet while driving four days in a car, but, mine needed some TLC. We are still hotel hopping and have another two days before we sign for our house and get the keys. Woohoo! Although we still don’t know when our furniture and other belongings will arrive at least we are getting closer and closer to having life return to normal. It has been a LONG adventure and I am ready to move on to setting up our home and settling into it.

It is so nice to wake up and be surrounded by mountains. It has been five years since I’ve felt like this. Having lived in California for most of my life I have always taken it for granted. Unfortunately in Maine you don’t get that experience. We were worried that it would feel weird not being on the coast, but honestly for me it’s the mountains I like being near. Besides there is still lots of water in Colorado! 

This lake and “walking park” is walking distance to our house.

On the Road Again…

Day three since we left our rental in Cape Neddick.  We spent our first night away at a friends house, who surprised us in the morning with a lovely “champagne brunch surprise party” and invited all of our favorite friends over. After tears and goodbyes we hit the road.  As luck would have it we spent the first leg of the drive going through a rain storm that lasted from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York! Finally we wound up in Pennsylvania. Not much to report as the drive was mostly dark, gloomy and wet!  Day three was much better…sunshine and virtually no traffic. The drive through Pennsylvania was beautiful! And now I sit relaxing and writing this while Jason and Chloë are visiting the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum” – I opted to hang in the hotel room with Abner. We ordered nachos and tacos from the “UberEATS” app and are having a bed-picnic/ housewives marathon. We couldn’t be happier!


Abner and I chilling



Getting Ready

Today starts the packing and cleaning of the rental we have been in since we sold our house.  The past two months in Cape Neddick Maine have been spent looking at beautiful views of the ocean and taking relaxing peaceful walks in the woods. This has been the perfect place to stop, breath, recharge.


Morning Coffee


Evening Dinner

Almost every room in the house looks out to this view. What a way to start and finish the day!

img_2190Most mornings have been started walking this path.

img_2082Abners favorite place to watch the world go by.

It won’t be easy leaving these views, we have been so lucky, but moving on means we are getting closer to where we belong.

Onwards and Upwards

It has been a very long journey. And yet, it feels as though the journey is now finally beginning.  I am very happy to start this next chapter in our lives in a new place to finally call home.

It has been five years or so since we left the west and to move back there again brings peace, joy and happiness to my heart. Living in the east has taught me a lot about life, people, and myself. It’s more than landscapes that differ. We all have a place we belong. Sometimes it takes a long journey and life experiences to realize that.

I have attempted to continue this blog many times over the past few years but struggled with my content and vision.  The fact is when you’re not happy in your space, it’s hard to get excited and motivated about it…much less blog about it. We have spent the last years in limbo. We have had many plans and have had many setbacks.  We definitely aren’t ending up where we thought we were going! But now, the obstacles and road blocks we faced, finally make sense to me. Sometimes in a “let go and let God” moment you discover who you are and where you belong.

It has taken the road less traveled to get us to where we are now.

Exactly how I feel…


A little May Day wish…

The house is polished, sparkling, and smells like fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. The St. Joseph’s is buried out back and we have our fingers crossed…still. A few showings this week and another one in about an hour or so. PLEASE SOMEONE – BUY THIS HOUSE!!!


It can’t hurt

Last week we buried a St. Josephs statue in our backyard.  We figured it couldn’t hurt, lots of people swear their house sold because of it. After lots of prayers and crossed fingers we are hoping to hear something soon! It’s not easy but we are trying to stay positive and upbeat. Hope to get good news in the very near future.

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