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Zennest Transformation

Zennest underwent a significant transformation in 2020, led by developer Les Ottolenghi. Fully renovated and restored, Zennest was Les’s passion project and off-the-grid escape during the Covid-pandemic. Les purchased the cabin in the spring of 2020 and spent the summer and early fall bringing it back to life and completely modernizing it.


Perched 8,900 feet above sea level overlooking the Dixie National Forest, the Zennest luxury cabin, Eagle, looks out on infinite natural beauty. Rustic charm and recreational experiences meet 21st-Century conveniences and smart cabin amenities. Perfect for family vacations, corporate retreats, and special events.

On-site recreation includes two hot tubs, 6,000 square feet of decking, Fuze-ball, horseshoe and bean bag toss games, outdoor seating, and fire pits. Inside Eagle, you will find smart TVs and game rooms featuring a retro Star Wars pinball machine. The property is outfitted with fiber optic broadband for superior connectivity.

Mountains Near Zennest


The mountains surrounding the Zennest development  are majestic and awe-inspiring. Hiking trails are available for those who want to explore the area on foot. Experience the serenity of the forest, the rugged terrain of the mountains, and the stunning vistas that await you at the top.

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National Parks

Zennest is also just a short drive away from Bryce Canyon National Park, one of the most popular national parks in the country. Bryce Canyon offers stunning views of its unique geological formations, including hoodoos, natural arches, and amphitheaters. The park is a must-see destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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National Parks


Savor local delights in nearby Duck Creek Village and Cedar City.


Take Zennest’s CanAm for a relaxing (or hair-raising!) spin along the Duck Creek Village scenic routes.


Rejuvenate your senses at two outdoor spas, offering breathtaking cliffside views.

Epic view

Experience ultimate relaxation at Zennest's two outdoor spas, offering breathtaking cliffside views.


Game room

First phase Eagle

Wine tours

Zion Vineyards

Snowmobile rental

Enjoy Winter at Zennest

small events held at Zennest

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treks and trails for the hiker

Hike Angles Landing

Bike Trails

Brian Head Trails

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Looking for a rental retreat in the heart of nature? Falcon at Zennest is the answer! 🏞️ This charming A-frame cabin comfortably sleeps up to 12 people (6 in each A-frame), making it the perfect spot for your next adventure.📍 Location: Duck Creek Village, Utah
📅 Reservations Open: Starting May 2024For those special date requests or larger groups exceeding 12, feel free to send us a direct message. We're here to accommodate your needs! 💬Zennest's season runs from May to October, ensuring accessibility and a delightful escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. 🌼🍂 But that's not all! In the near future, we're thrilled to announce plans for snowmobiles located at the base of Duck Creek Village, creating a year-round destination for your enjoyment. ❄️🏔️Book your stay now and get ready for unforgettable moments at Falcon at Zennest!
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🌟 Exciting News! Falcon at Zennest is Now Open for 2024 Bookings! 🌟Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in 2024 as Falcon at Zennest opens its doors! 🦅 Nestled in the heart of nature's beauty, this is your chance to experience the trip of a lifetime. 🌿 With access to our newly built a-frames, immerse yourself in the stunning views and tranquility of this epic location. 🏞️Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a solo adventure, or a group retreat, Falcon at Zennest has something for everyone. 🌄 Don't miss out on the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime!Book your stay now by clicking the link in our bio. 🔗 We can't wait to welcome you to Falcon at Zennest in 2024! ✨ #FalconAtZennest #2024BookingsOpen #NatureGetaway #EpicViews