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Essentials for Biking in Southern Utah

Biking in Southern Utah

 If you’re planning a bike trip to Southern Utah, you’ll want to bring a few things along with you.

First, you’ll want to make sure your bike is in good working order and that its tires are properly inflated. The roads in Southern Utah can be rocky and bumpy, so make sure your tires are thick enough to absorb the bumps without going flat. Don’t forget to pack some extra tubes and tools that can help fix a flat tire if one happens while you’re out on the road! You never know what kind of trouble might pop up when you’re biking in the desert, so be prepared for anything!


We recommend packing at least three pairs of cycling shorts (one light pair), two pairs of running tights (one light pair), two tank tops or shirts, two pairs of socks, and one pair of sunglasses (with prescription lenses if needed), one helmet, water bottles or camelbacks with plenty of water and/or electrolytes inside them as well as snacks like granola bars or trail mix packets if desired too! You’ll also want a small first aid kit (bandages/splints/etc.), sunblock spray or lotion plus a sunscreen stick if needed too!

Water & Snacks

You’ll be sweating, so staying hydrated is important. Also, be sure to pack food that won’t make you feel gross if it gets wet or dirty (like an apple).

Bike Lock

This will help keep your bike safe while you’re out and about. If you’re planning to bike at night, bring lights as well.

Protective Gear

A helmet is an essential part of any ride—so make sure yours fits properly and feels snug on your head before heading out onto the open road. You don’t want to get scraped up by rocks or sticks! It’s also smart to bring a first aid kit just in case something does go wrong with your ride. 

So the bike ride itself is only the beginning. After you get back, you’ll still have plenty to do in Southern Utah. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to stay with nice amenities, great customer service, and a great view, book here. 

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