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Experience The Turning Leaves in Southern Utah

Experience The Turning Leaves

Fall is in the air, and the crisp mornings have returned to Zennest. Each year, people from around the United States flock to Southern Utah to see the changing of the seasons in vivid color a once-in-a-lifetime experience! We love to welcome visitors this time of year because we know the symphony of colors that will greet them: green and gold plateaus, fiery orange and red ombre across forests, sunny yellow aspen trees complementing the turning foliage in rich forest green aspens, all against the backdrop of the red sandstone cliffs and canyons and azure blue sky.

Southern Utah fall season stretches across two months, with leaves beginning to change first at high elevations and spontaneously bursting into colors along the lower areas.

Southern Utah in September

Temperatures: 79 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit 

Mild fall weather and plenty of sunshine accompany the leaf-change that begins in mid-September. The brilliant color ripples throughout Bryce Canyon and into the highlands of Cedar Breaks National Monument, arriving in full force by the end of September. Southern Utah in September

Southern Utah in October

Temperatures: 66 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit 

Peak fall arrives in Duck Creek Village in early October. Mirror Lake is surrounded by explosions of red and orange foliage. Capital Reef National Park, Escalante, and East Zion aren’t far behind. Each park, monument, and stretch of hillside forest offers a rich color that amazes the senses.

You won’t want to miss the changing leaves in Southern Utah! For more information: neighboring Cedar City offers a fall color report, which you can view here. If you want more local flair and festivities to your itinerary, check out our recommended list of events and fall activities.

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