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What to Pack for a Summer Stay at Zennest

Summer Stay at Zennest

There are so many activities around Zennest, from hiking, and mountain biking, to fishing and gazing at the stars. We’ve compiled a list of what to pack depending on your vacation plans while staying at Zennest. 


If you plan on taking a hike you will want a good pair of hiking boots to help you navigate the wet and dry trails with ease and enable you to explore further than you maybe would have. A large water jug or hydration system, depending upon your hike, is a must to keep you hydrated. Due to the desert temperatures fluctuating 30 degrees in one day, make sure that you pack warm and cold clothing layers, including a winter hat. It’s good to have a map, whether you pick one up at the entrance station or you plan ahead and grab one. Other things to pack would be a headlamp, tablecloth, light snacks, bug spray, small plastic bags, sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a small first aid kit. Don’t forget that backpack to put all those things in!

Mountain Biking

Pack those bags for an unforgettable mountain biking excursion and bring along a well-maintained bike, helmet, padded cycling gloves, your typical cycling clothes, eye protection, elbow, knee, and shin pads (optional), drinking bottle or hydration pack, snacks, an extra warm layer, a waterproof top, a waterproof notebook and pencil, personal medication, sunscreen, first aid kit, a spare inner tube, spare pair of brake pads/blocks, and a spare mech hanger. Don’t forget your maps, compass and a GPS.


Duck Creek Village is a popular place for fishing with Aspen Mirror Lake and Duck Creek pond within walking distance from Duck Creek Village. You will want to make sure you bring a fishing pole, tackle box and all the accessories, rain jacket, tablecloth, water jug, warm and cold clothing layers, bug spray, sunscreen, and don’t forget that bait! 

After a long day out fishing, hiking, or mountain biking, you’ll want to make sure to bring your bathing suit to enjoy and relax in our hot tub!

Reach out to our team for more information on your stay here!

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