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Zennest Becomes Part of the Starlink Beta Program

We are excited to announce that the Zennest chalet has been accepted into the Starlink Beta Program. The Starlink Beta Program is a low latency, broadband internet system enabled by low Earth-orbiting satellites.

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The program, which has been hyped since late 2019, promises to answer a global need for a high speed, low latency (time it takes to send data from point to point) broadband internet, especially serving rural or remote locations that do not have the traditional ground infrastructure. Starlink is engineered by SpaceX and theEtv6q-_XMAAI3a5 company plans to have 2,000 small satellites in orbit by the end of 2021 (based on regulatory filings, this count will eventually grow to 42,000 satellites over time).

So what does this mean for Zennest? The property has been outfitted with fiber optic broadband, which powers 21st-century smart home amenities and offers high-speed internet. On the practical side, Starlink will enable even faster connectivity and low latency. From a futuristic perspective, being an early adopter of this pivotal innovation and global broadband is to play a part in the exciting evolution of digital transformation and democratization of space communications.

A Starlink-connected Zennest is further proof you can travel to some of the most beautiful places on Earth and still be connected. More details and an unboxing video to come when the equipment arrives!

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