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All in the Details: Zennest’s Unique Approach to Remote Living

Zennest’s Unique Approach to Remote Living

When the pandemic hit in 2020, many of us left our homes in the cities, looking for solace, adventure, and fresh air outside. Bikes sold out of stores, National Parks had lines at their gates, and people found ways to take their work and education on the road. During this time, Les Ottolenghi, Fortune 500 CIO, found Zennest (formerly known as the “Eagles Nest”) and decided to make it into his pandemic passion project.

But Zennest was no ordinary property (see views and sunsets). Therefore, it deserved an extraordinary vision that re-imagined what live-work-play can mean when mindfulness goals meet 21st-century modern connectivity.

Play Outside

Southern Utah’s topography and wildlife are some of the most diverse in the U.S. Zennest offers the perfect view of red rock sandstone cliffs, sprawling green forests, wide-open skies, and locals like ringtail cats, falcons, and big horned sheep.

To capture the best views and enjoy the outdoors from season to season – without leaving the property – Zennest is equipped with over 6,000 square feet of decking that takes you from the back door to the cliff’s edge. Two meditation and yoga platforms are also integrated into the walkways so that visitors can experience sun salutations with magical sunrises and sunsets.

Recreational activities are also dispersed throughout the property, including outdoor fireplaces, two hot tubs, and a putting green. In the winter, snowmobiles are available to use on the property.

Connect When Necessary

Zennest offers Gigabyte and Starlink Internet for maximized, secure uptime. We frequently share live streams over EarthCam, Facebook, and Zoom; remote officing or learning needs can be easily met.

Technology is woven throughout the luxury cabin’s interior with an eSports gaming loft and smart home features that anticipate comfort needs from season to season.

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Zennest can brilliantly accommodate both solo adventurers and small groups and retreats. Invite friends or family to join you, and you will find cozy accommodations and spacious bedrooms. A completely renovated kitchen with a wine refrigerator and cigar humidor. Select, curated foods from Ottolenghi Family offer provisions on-site for a culinary experience that complement the beautiful westward-facing views of the property.

Zennest is a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list destination. Its home in Southern Utah is just the starting point. It is the ultimate live-work-play adventure!

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