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Drumroll, please! We are excited to share our new BoutiqueHomes listing with you. You can browse pictures of the property and seasonal views, book dates, and plan the best time to visit.

Why BoutiqueHomes?Zennest on BoutiqueHomes

We found the perfect partner in the “holiday destinations for design lovers” site, BoutiqueHomes. BoutiqueHomes’ exquisite curation of unique vacation rentals, tiny hotels, event venues, and photoshoot locations put us in good company.

“BoutiqueHomes is a collection, but it is also a philosophy. We are a small, big-hearted team of makers and travelers in a continuous search for places we simply love. We believe that great architecture and homes imprinted with singular style should delight, inspire and even transform.”

Zennest is a rare, bucket-list destination, offering a transformative experience to all that venture here. Its surrounding lands look untouched, as if in prehistoric times with red geological formations and cliffs, mountainous horizon lines, and forests of aspen and conifers as far as the eye can see.

Zennest is also a multi-faceted property, an adventure cabin, and much more. It is perfect for special events like retreats, elopements, reunions, concerts, learning field trips… You imagine it, and we help bring the vision to life! Zennest is a natural place for creators of all kinds to find their inspired flow at peace in the majesty and magic of Southern Utah.

Now Booking

Zennest, “a door to the wild,” is available for rent in September and beyond. Visit BoutiqueHomes to reserve your date, and keep following us here for unique Southern Utah exploration and trip ideas!

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